A running record of the loot found each session and its distribution.

Session 1 - Neverneath Edit

The party explored the catacombs under Neverwinter, killed cultists and a dark Priest responsible for raising the undead, and found some treasures.

  • As payment for their service, the party received a ship and a tavern in Highcliff
  • They found coins and valuables equal to 316gp - each party member received 45gp, 1sp and 5cp
  • A pair of bone dice - they are kept behind the bar for gaming with the patrons
  • Mirror - behind the bar as decoration
  • Driftglobe - a hovering and commandable globe that emits light. Currently in the bar, pending use.
  • Potion of Great Healing (Cyrus' pack)
  • Potion of Climbing (Cyrus' pack)
  • Hide Armour +1 (Cyrus took this)
  • Whip +1
  • Animated Shield

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