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Campaign information for 5E: Fall of never.

Pre-session lead-up.

As you run out of the village leaving your two companions behind, you are chased by what seems to be a mixture of demons and other nameless horrors. You are running through the trees and they begin to close around you. You can’t breathe. You turn around to see the descent of a mace held by a hooded figure with glowing orange eyes…

You wake up once again in a cold sweat, the sound of shouting voices and production as the villagers prepare defences is all you hear outside. A cold sea breeze is blowing through the open window of your room in the drunken bard causing you to shiver. Blood trickles from your nose.

You get dressed and make your way down stairs, you notice your companions making their way as well, you all share a knowing nod, silently telling each other you had the same dream. Hart is waiting for you downstairs as you walk into the main room. “The villagers are preparing defences for the village and we need some help…” Hart begins. You all look at each other. “What?” he asks, suddenly getting nervous...

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